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In the midst of all the ISIS stuff going on, I had to release my latest literary effort. In the event any of my readers have also read any of my other novels, you might have noticed that they portray a number of different forms of governance, and highlight the flaws in each. And no, I have not worked out what will work best, and maybe nothing will because as some of the books show, what goes wrong is because some of the characters put self-interest before the greater good. That is hardly original, of course, as was the basic reason the Res Publica failed. Anyway, the latest is the theocracy.

You may ask, how could an advanced civilization have theocracy? Well, in this story the planet around Epsilon Eridani was specifically engineered (and no, there is no evidence this planet exists) and seeded with late Cretaceous life that evolved into a civilization. Think about it; in the great debate relating evolution to creation, what would you think if there were no fossils at all prior to 65 My BP? And what is the difference between an advanced alien race of engineers that can operate over several hundred million years and a God? Anyway, the odd one of them ends up deciding that it would be desirable to remove mammals (us) from the planet of creation (Earth). The question is, how can such religious fervour be averted?

After all this thinking, can I suggest anything to apply to ISIS? The best I can come up with is that some Muslims have to overturn the Wahhabi doctrine and reform Islam. That is not exactly a highly probable outcome right now. Nevertheless, I think it is important. If all you do is bomb them, you probably create more angry recruits than you remove. The problem is, you remove infrastructure and kill the innocent as well as the guilty. And here, “innocent” is taken to mean anyone not actively going out there fighting for ISIS. (As usual, it is important to define terms, particularly if you use them in a slightly different way to others.) Even if ISIS were wiped out, what remains? I have seen one estimate that the cost of rebuilding Syria, which has had half its hospitals and about two million homes obliterated, is about $300 billion! And after you leave this mess behind, all the reasons and the Wahhabi philosophy remain, and if anything, are reinforced.

One other alternative is that of Titus Flavius Vespasianus: you start at one end of the country and kill everyone that is not clearly allied. I doubt modern society is ready for that solution. There are only two ways to win a war: remove the opposition from the field, or remove the will to fight. If you are not going to do the first, then you must concentrate on the second. Exactly how to do it remains a problem, but if someone can reform Islam, that would be a great start. The problem is, Islam does not have an official structure, so the only way to do that would appear to require someone with extreme charisma who will overturn wahhabiism. Do I hear a, “Good luck with that”?

Meanwhile, a quick commercial: Ranh, a tale of plotting, conspiracy, religious fervour, murder, treachery, honour, diplomacy, and tail-ball.

3 thoughts on “More on theocracy

  1. I wish I had the time to read your novels… Or any novel, actually.
    Extract from my latest essay (to come out within hours):

    In 2009, United States’ president Obama went to Cairo to sing the praises of Islam. He thought that was smart, modern, In truth, that was a return to the Middle Ages.

    More specifically, Obama’s told his aides that there are tensions between the Muslim and the West which root in colonialism. Sorry, Bambi, the roots are much deeper than that. The roots themselves are as deep as the word “Europe”. Because that word got used by the Franks to symbolize their resistance to the Islamist invasions.

    Obama also said that he knows from his personal experience that the West and the Islam are not separate worlds because they share things such as love of God and family. Except God does not exist, and families always exist, so Obama was just agitating his tongue. He may as well have evoked the Moon.

    Ever since the USA and Europe have put their faith in the “moderate jihadist”, a unicorn-like beast spitting fire, great killer of unbelievers, apostates, pagans, and all enemies of God, yet respectable enough, and a lover of families..

    Now, it seems that this intriguing chase of the impossible presents some disagreements, such as Jihadists in our midst, killing the “idolaters” of music and cafes. The West must choose between going on, enunciating non-sense about Islam’s goodness, or reluctantly accept Bashar al-Assad’s brutally secularist regime as the less bad of a set of options which are all bad. But an increasingly insanely aggressive, Islamizing Turkey is potentially a much worse problem than Assad.

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