Flynn Pleads Guilty

Earlier in the year I wrote about Michael Flynn being fired by President Trump. Now the story continues, as he has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. Now, if I were writing about this in a novel, it would be important to construct the plot so that there was a reason why Flynn would plead guilty, but in real life, why would that be?

In a novel, one reason might be the noble acceptance that he knows he lied, so he will take what follows on the chin. Strictly speaking, we do not know that this is not what has happened, but the media seems to think he has done a deal with Mueller, and will tell all that will bring down the current administration. That may be wishful thinking, even if Flynn has done a deal, the reason being that while Flynn may have lied, the truth would have had to be sufficiently serious to bring down the administration then.

Another reason may be that he is going to tell what he knows, but given what he has admitted to already, what could that be that will not get him into deeper trouble. Of course Mueller could have dealt immunity, on the basis he tells all and truthfully. That raises the question of what is all Flynn knows?

So, what will happen to Flynn? A detailed account of the Plea Agreement is at… . As it stands, the sentencing guidelines are estimated as imprisonment for between zero and six months, and if a fine is imposed, that fine will be between $500 and $9,500. As to what Flynn is accused of doing:

(a) On January 24, 2017, Flynn made materially false statements and omissions during an interview with FBI agents who were investigating whether the Russian government interfered with the 2016 Presidential election. These false statements included that following President Obama’s executive order announcing sanctions against Russia, he initially denied receiving a question from the Russian ambassador (Kislyak) relating to Trump’s policy (recall he had campaigned about getting better relations with Russia), then he omitted to mention that he spoke with the Presidential Transition Team (PTT) about this, and received the response that they did not want Russia to escalate the situation by making counter moves. Flynn then passed this request on to Kislyak, and subsequently reported back to the PTT the substance of the conversation. Then, about December 30, Putin announced he would not take retaliatory action.

(b) Flynn made false statements to the effect he did not make specific requests regarding an Egyptian resolution to the United Nations Security Council regarding Israeli settlements. A senior member of the PTT directed Flynn to learn where each government stood on the resolution, and to try to delay the vote or defeat the resolution. Flynn informed the Russian ambassador that the incoming administration opposed the resolution. The Russians responded by telling Flynn that Russia would accommodate the new administration.

(c) When he filed for his company in accord with the Foreign Agents Registration Act, his company did not know the extent to which the government of Turkey was involved in the Turkey project, a project focused on improving US business opportunities in Turkey, and omitted mentioning that officials from Turkey provided supervision and direction over the Turkey project.

My personal view is that Flynn was wrong to lie, but he would have good cause to believe that details of the future policy of the US government is not something to be disclosed to FBI agents. Simply saying, “That is classified,” would have been preferable. Both (a) and (b) are merely acts where he tried to make things easier for the new administration. After all, was it all that bad to ask Russia not to impose some sort of counter punishment on US companies? How is that working against US interests? More to the point, Obama had plenty of time to impose sanctions before the election, but he did not. If that was to make things easier for Clinton, and then he imposed them to undermine Trump, that in my view is just plain wrong. Similarly, the actions to try to improve things for US business in Turkey can hardly be crime of the century. The filing errors were naughty, but this is low-level stuff really. So why did Flynn plead guilty? My guess is he knew there was incontrovertible evidence that he was guilty of some things, including false filing and fibbing, and while he might have been able to defend these to some extent, it would be a lot cheaper to plead guilty, save the legal fees, and most importantly wipe the slate clean.

My guess is also that when this is over for Flynn, he can recover most of his costs by writing a book. I am sure he would get a good deal. So he can’t write? No worries; I am sure a lot of writers would be only too willing to provide their services. Name recognition alone would justify it.


4 thoughts on “Flynn Pleads Guilty

  1. Yes, this Flynn story is much ado about nothing. In truth, my direct experience with so-called “Democrats” is that they feign to criticize the establishment, but aspire in truth to join it, big time. Their rage against Trump is because they are afraid he will steal their cake, or distribute it to the rats.

    The Tax Bill mousing around slowly will augment taxes on a class of CALIFORNIANS by $35,000… a YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!
    How many in this class?
    Six (6) millions.

    Why? They have all sorts of deductions, including for the interest paid on their mortgages. Ah, what’s the average worth of their homes? TWO (2) million dollars.

    Obama should have made that reform. It didn’t. Trump is going to do it. So who is hard left? Trump who redistributes the income of 6 million millionaires, or Obama, who attended, in the average, one “Fund Raiser” with PLUTOCRATS, once a week, for eight years. Including many times with Harvey Weinstein, his eldest daughter’s apparent godfather…

    To lower the price of housing and make the economy richer and the environment better, one needs to build, build, build, according to the latest tech. Ultra modern high rises, not individual homes for hyper wealthy Californians. California is beautiful, but it guzzles energy, and the biosphere suffers in its name.

    • California also guzzles water, and that may also be a limiting feature. As for the Dems, they are desperately trying to make easy political capital when they probably could do very well if they took the trouble to stop and think. But that would involve work. My opinion, for which I am not responsible, not being an American.

      • Well you are presumably an earthling, and a great many California plutocrats have bought real estate in New Zealand, which is your abode, if I am not mistaken. They wisely consider that their rule will bring Armageddon, so they fancy NZ will be far enough removed from the fall-out, and it’s obviously a self-sufficient mini continent…

        Your point on water is cogent, and I reckon the drought is back, as massive high pressure, west Sahara style, has settled on the West Coast. I find it difficult to swallow the fact Trump is conducting more “redistributive” policies than Obama in 8 years. Obama was all about increasing the power of his friends the monopolies. The average loud imbecile claiming to be so democratic hasn’t notice, that his/her hero was a traitor. Even now they haven’t come to that conclusion about Bill Clinton. Yes, I detest W. Bush, but, arguably, even him was not that toxic.

      • Yes, Patrice, I am a New Zealander, and yes, we do get some rich Californians buying up property. A number of Chinese plutocrats too. Could get interesting. As it happens, we are currently having a weird high pressure system that threatens to bring drought, so California is not alone in getting weird weather.

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