Ebook discount

From May 27 – June 3, Ranh, the fifth in a series  but written largely as a stand-alone, will be discounted to 99c/99p on Amazon. The Scaevola series is linked through one character (Scaevola) following a quest. Ranh is the name given to a planet fictionally orbiting Epsilon Eridani, a star that is only 900 My old, and hence has not had time to develop life beyond the anaerobic bacteria level. However, 67 million years ago, some alien transported Cretaceous life from Earth and it has evolved to a space faring civilization. Because life was clearly “created”, since there are no fossils older than 67 My, the civilization is a theocracy. Some human has sent a message back in time, and this has been interpreted by a Cardinal that received it as a divine order to clear the planet of ultimate creation, (Earth) of those pesky mammals. A small delegation has arrived from Earth to negotiate a peace treaty. But how can negotiations persuade the deeply religious to ignore a divine order? A tale of plotting, conspiracy, religious fervour, murder, treachery, honour, diplomacy, and tail-ball.


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