2021 Underway

Here I am, refreshed with our pleasant summer, starting again another year. I hope I am entertaining, and that you all enjoyed your Christmas period.

In New Zealand, the New Year period tends to be when so many people are away on holiday, the reason being that if you are going away, you get more value for the leave you have to take from your job by adding in the statutory holidays. Accordingly, the news media tends to run on very reduced staff numbers, after all journalists have to have holidays too, not a lot happens locally, and often if something happens offshore it does not matter if it is ignored because it will usually be forgotten when life starts again later.

This year, not so. Two things have happened.  We have to let New Zealanders come home, where they go into managed isolation quarantine. While there is no community transmission of SARS-CoV-2 currently, the managed isolation places are getting almost 20 cases a day, including cases of the new virulent UK strain and the South African strain. These viruses certainly move fast, and it shows that people overseas are not really taking it seriously. So far, it is contained here, but I have this horrible feeling a breakout is almost inevitable. I hope that wherever you, my readers, are, you manage to keep virus-free.

However, the bigger news here was the remarkable scenes at the US Capitol. It seemed to me almost unbelievable that this was happening. Apparently there were many entries on Facebook and other social media sites effectively organizing this and one might have thought that someone like the NSA might have picked up these signs of trouble and arranged for better law enforcement.

In my opinion, this was not, as some seem to assert, a coup, an insurrection, or anything of the sort. It was a bunch of louts behaving really badly and the proper response is to properly enforce the law and prosecute said louts. Of course, the President’s twittering did not exactly help the situation. It is hard to see his strategy there, or even if he had one. Presumably he wanted to keep his political presence alive during the Biden years, to ensure that Biden had the sort of trouble he had, and since the Congress is lost to him, he had to find an alternative. What he chose, in my opinion, resulted in his shooting himself in the foot.

If we think a little more about strategy, what can the Republican Party do right now to get the best from this situation? The Democrats seem determined to make the most of this, and seemingly are determined to impeach Trump for a second time, and hope that enough Republicans will vote in favour in the Senate. Whether they will is debatable, because to do so would give the Democrats huge publicity. That still leaves what to do? As a writer, I have to formulate plots so I wrote the following last Sunday. As can be seen, the Republicans thought differently.

So, my suggested strategy starting last Monday: approach Trump and suggest he resign, thus giving Pence a few days as President. The advantages are:

(a)  For Trump, Pence will pardon him for whatever falls out from his Presidency. This starves the Democrats of political oxygen, Trump gets personal freedom and is able to stand in the primaries again in 2024 if he so wished. That should be enough to persuade Trump to comply. The alternative is the Republicans promise to convict him in the Senate, he will leave in disgrace and he will not run again. He hopefully would comply, but someone with congenital holes in feet may not. 

(b)  For Pence, be President, albeit for no more than a week, and maybe only a couple of days. He goes into history books as the shortest term President, but equally, perhaps the most productive per unit time.

(c)  For the party and for Pence: by getting Trump to resign and pardon him, it starves the Democrats of “political oxygen”. The statement made during the pardon is it is done because it is the only way to start healing the nation. Who can argue with that really? Many won’t like it, but so what? The alternative is continued bitter political fighting at the expense of the nation.

(d) For the Party and the Nation: Pence orders the military to assist with distribution and vaccination. There are apparently difficulties getting people vaccinated because there are not enough people able to do it and the vaccines are not always where they are needed. The military must have available logistics and health workers. This also starves Biden of his first “easy win”.

(e)  To harpoon the Democrats, pardon Assange from extradition. The liberal or progressive parts of the Democrats cannot object and makes the Republicans look good on freedom of speech, which is what they claim they want.Easy, isn’t it? Isn’t it??? My guess, at the time of writing, none of this will happen. More missed opportunities. And (added before posting) about the only thing I got right, I think, was that guess. What will happen now is anybody’s guess, and as you can see, anybody guesses better than me


4 thoughts on “2021 Underway

  1. Hard to pardon somebody who has not been condemned.
    The one who is really failing right now, should he continue like that, is Biden. All smoke, mirrors and Trump so far. Plutocratically owned CNN had its main anchor claiming 74 million Trump voters are neo-Nazis and KKK…

    Part of my take on it:

    Meanwhile California got millions of doses of vaccine, but injected just a million, while already destroying 100,000, because the corrupt CA government forces people to get vaccinated through their private health provider (“OBAMACARE”). While REPUBLICAN governor De Santis in Florida vaccinates from cars anybody above 65…

    Demented Dems, I say, and to the objection that I am one of them, I will reply that I am not corrupt… To THAT extent… 😉

  2. Hello Patrice,
    Happy New Year!
    Whether it would be hard to make it stick is obviously a matter of opinion, but I think the Dems would be glad to bury this war because contrary to what they might think at times, it will not be a free shot. I have no idea whether Biden will be tolerable – he would not have been my choice, but since I am not American, I am irrelevant. I have no intention of attempting to defend CNN. The ridiculous issues with the vaccine is why I think the US military might be more useful in the roll-out. They should be able to deal with logistics because given a job with no complications, everybody follows orders and gets on with it.

    • Happy New Year to you too, and hopefully not too many COVID variants!
      Biden is WORLD, not just US. So he is your president too, to some extent. Like Xi is to Australia, but worse (Australia has become wealthy from selling planet killing garbage to other countries).

      Biden was the main architect of the Iraq invasion, and the fake left is keen to overlook this. Just three million Iraqis dead, who cares: as far as the falke left is concerned, a good Iraqi is a dead Iraqi… or an immigrant professing Sharia.

      The worst mistake Trump made, so far, in his entire presidency is in the vaccine roll out. This happened because, in the Union of States, supposedly the states are in charge for their internal affairs. Instead Trump should have evoked military powers. He did not. The variations between the states or regions (compare north and south California) show the local responsibilities, to some extent.

      However, as I said, in California, the governor does as the medical lobbyists tell him to do. It is all a question that the US healthcare is for profit. Profits have to keep on rolling. They keep that attitude even while up to 5,000 are dying, a day. And this attitude is from the demented Dems themselves… Not Trump.

      • I agree the President of the US is probably the most important politician to NZ and we hope we can get on well with Biden, not because of his history, etc, but simply because as President of the US we have to.

        My record on the Iraqi invasion has been consistently in opposition to it. I actually had a letter published in Time Magazine pointing out why it was a terrible idea well before it happened, and what I predicted more or less happened, except there were more dead Iraqis and the US wasted a huge lot more tax-payer dollars to dubious corrupt sources.

        I agree the vaccine roll-out in the US is extraordinarily bad, given it is the most technically advanced country in the world. But Trump will soon be gone, and I suspect not a lot will change.

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