Ebook discount: Athene’s Prophecy

From May 20 – May 27, Athene’s Prophecy will be discounted to 99c/99p on Amazon and Amazon UK. Science fiction with some science you can try your hand at. The young Roman Gaius Claudius Scaevola receives a vision from Pallas Athene, who asks him to do three things so he can save humanity from total destruction. He must learn the art of war, he must make a steam engine, and while using only knowledge available in the first century he must show the Earth goes around the sun. Can you do it? Try your luck. I suspect you will fail, and to stop cheating, the answer is in the following ebook. 

Scaevola is in Egypt for the anti-Jewish riots, then he is sent to Syria as Tribunis laticlavius in the Fulminata. Soon he must prevent a rebellion when Caligulae orders a statue of himself in the temple of Jerusalem. You will get a different picture of Caligulae than what you normally see, supported by a transcription of a report of the critical meeting regarding the statue by Philo of Alexandria. (Fortunately, copyright has expired.). First of a series. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GYL4HGW

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