My formal education was completed at the University of Canterbury (BSc Hons1, PhD) and I was subsequently employed as a research chemist at Chemistry Division, DSIR, where I worked mainly on energy/biofuels and on seaweed chemistry. In 1986 I left DSIR to set up Carina Chemical Laboratories Ltd, to carry out research to support the private half of a joint venture to make pyromellitates, the basis of high temperature resistant plastics. (When called to a TV program to discuss the danger of foam plastics in fires, I aimed a gas torch at the palm of my hand, protected only by a piece of foam plastic I had made shortly before. Fortunately, it worked, it glowed yellow hot, but held the heat for about half a minute.) This venture, and an associated seaweed processing venture collapsed during the late 1980s financial crisis, mostly for financial reasons due to the crisis. My writing career commenced inadvertently during my first year at University, following an argument with some Arts students, I was challenged to write a fictional book. I did in spare time: Gemina.  Since then, I have written a few more science in fiction thriller-type novels that form a “future history” and as of July, 2015, ten will be available as self-published ebooks. Additionally, there are four scientific ebooks, one about how to form theories, one about biofuels (which has been a significant part of my experimental work) and two outlining my own theories, one about planetary formation, and one on my interpretation of quantum mechanics.  Links can be found at www.ianmiller.co.nz.


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