An Ebook Discount and Something Different: Music!

From February 10 – 17, Scaevola’s Triumph will be discounted to 99c/99p on and

So far, the bizarre prophecy has worked, and Scaevola finds himself on a technically advanced alien planet where he is considered a primitive, yet it is losing a war. According to Pallas Athene, only he can save this civilization from extermination, and his use of strategy is needed to win this war. But what can he do, when at first he cannot even open the door to his apartment? A story of strategy and tactics in an interstellar war under relativistic physics. If you set off on a mission, when you return everyone who sent you is long dead. Book III of a series.

And now for the something different. A side hobby of mine is composing music, and I like to amuse myself by playing it, not necessarily very well. Anyway, I have decided to make some of what I play to myself available in case anyone is interested. Go to then scroll to the bottom.  I have listed in what I call Suite number 2 six short piano pieces that I like to play. The only connection, apart from being short, is they are in different time signatures, thus try number 5, in 5/4 time. Click on them and it takes you to a sheet music sale site, but it also has .mp3 files you can listen to.